Tranportation analysis with PinGIS PC
GIS as a system component
Geographical Information Systems should not be reserved for specialists with a long training in the field.
By using Rapid Application Development (RAD) tools such as Borland Delphi and Microsoft Visual Basic combined with software components, highly usable systems are possible to develop.
A software system can be composed of standard components for database management, serial communication, networking, GIS and route-planning/transportation scheduling.
Systems integrators can build highly sophisticated and usable systems in this way at reasonable costs. The systems can be trusted for their viability and maintainability.
Furthermore the flexibility of  component-based development enables the easy compiling of different versions of the same software for different user categories, e.g. normal and advanced user.
Transportation flows can be visualised as lines with thickness based on the amount of material transported. Through SQL queries that are built easily with the Graphical User Interface a large amount of data can be quickly analysed by the users.
The same database can be visualised and analysed in several ways.
The black lines in the map above are the proposed assignments between clients and treatment facilities for waste based upong fastest route calculated in DPS RouteLogix Professional and the facilities’ different charge per ton.