RouteLogiX Professional
RouteLogiX Professional Integrated with Positioning Systems & Mobile Data solutions
RouteLogiX is a flexible tool for routing and tracking of transports.Transportation orders can be imported to RouteLogiX and the system helps to create economical routes. Tracking/GPS functions are included and handle any mobile hardware through flexible driver routines. It is the wideness of RouteLogiX that makes it a great investment in economical terms.
The geographical position that is sent from the positioning equipment in the vehicle is sent to RouteLogiX, where it is graphically displayed in the map. There is also an option to trace the vehicle by using the last positions stored in the software.
Time and distance calculation
RouteLogiX is the most accurate tool on the market when it comes to time and distance estimation for transports by using post codes for areas all over Europe.
Reduction of transportation costs
Experiences show great opportunities to reduction of transportation costs when using RouteLogiX for routing.
Simplified routing
RouteLogiX quickly does time wasting manual work. Transport managers are able to spend more time trying alternative solutions and to give customers support.
Higher level of customer service
RouteLogiX takes the customers demand for time accuracy into consideration. It also generates very precise and accurate routes.
Flexible planning
Quick planning is a necessity when dealing with short lead times. RouteLogiX quick optimisation creates an opportunity to reschedule existing routes to be able to serve a last minute order.
The field of use for RouteLogiX varies as much as DPS clients. RouteLogiX is used for strategic analysis of transportation systems as well as routing on a daily basis. Common for all users is that they been faced with a highly complex planning situation:
  • Need of visual and instant information about vehicle positions.
  • What orders should be delivered by each vehicle to optimise the transportations?
  • In what order should the customers and suppliers be visited, and what is the most efficient way to get there?
  • Need of information about time and distances of transportations accurate enough to use it for invoices.
Facing needs of a more advanced scheduling system in the future?
- DPS world leading product PlanLogiX, can also be integrated with mobile data solutions.