LogiX - The complete Routing & Scheduling solution
LogiX is the market leading Routing & Scheduling system built up by flexible modules allowing usage in strategic, tactical and operational planning. LogiX has proven capability to be integrated into ERP systems such as SAP, BAAN, MOVEX and in various operating environments like NT, UNIX and AS400.
Interactive Route Planning
An important factor in successful implementation in operational environments is Interactive Route Planning, which gives the user a quick overview of each route with full user control over the planned route, regardless if the route has been automatically or manually generated.
LogiX gives full information about total distance and time for each route
LogiX also provides the user with full control over order parameters with its fully interactive order editing tools. This gives the opportunity to instantly try and implement changes at an operational level. For instance: What would happen if a customer could accept delivery half an hour later?
Automatic Routing
LogiX Automatic Routing Module gives fast and accurate operational planning. Automatic routing eliminates the need for fixed routes through its quick and easy calculations, and because it is all in the same system the user can directly take the planned routes into interactive route planning to add that final personal touch. The overall philosophy within the LogiX Suite is to never compromise with full user control over the planning.
Advanced Optimisation Modules
LogiX Advanced Optimisation Modules are the most comprehensive scheduling tools available on the market today. All are fully integrated in LogiX Interactive Route Planning and Automatic Routing.
If you ever have faced the problem of planning a route with goods travelling from one place to another without visiting a terminal or depot in between, together with strict demands on timing at both collection and delivery points, you know that this can be a hard task to mater for even the most experienced route planner. The Tramping optimisation module takes all the hard work out of these planning scenarios.
Zone Planning
Users that have well tested delivery zones appreciate the LogiX Zone Planning module. This gives you the possibility to for instance have fixed districts and let the system tell you if any of them get overloaded.
Anybody who has to deal with multiple regions in their planning will appreciate the LogiX Multi Depot feature. This feature gives the user a complete overview of the planning, and it facilitates the transferring of calls between depots. With automatic planning this feature will allocate calls to even out the load between depots in the most cost efficient way.
Dynamic Depot Designation
Ever faced the problem of optimising vehicle usage with several terminals or depots that don’t have their own vehicles? Or what about finding the best return load scenario for a vehicle? With LogiX Dynamic Depot Designation this can be done at the click of a button.