Do you have a client database with geographical coordinates and want to check if the information is correct, e.g. to enable correct route planning and transportation scheduling?
Would you like to visualise your business information on detailed street-level maps?
Use PinGIS with NavTeq street-level maps!
The software is designed to be embedded into information systems where company specific information can be managed in this general tool. Pricing is competitive.
Any standard digital maps in raster or vector format can be used, including NavTeq data.
Information and commands from external software is written to text files that are automatically read into PinGIS.
For example: Kund177;13.0284;55.6381; KUSTHAMNSG 5 Malmö Sweden
Input file Commands include:
•    Center the map on current customer
•    Draw customer position on map
•    Let the user move a customer
PinGIS is software designed with usability in mind. You should not need to consult the manual!
Standard GIS functions include:
•    Zoom in/Zoom out, e.g. from a regional level to street level
•    Map object information query, e.g. displaying detailed information on a street segment’s numbers
•    Moving map objects such as customers with the mouse
•    Pan the map in any direction
•    Display routes
•    GPS interface
When the user has checked that the customers have correct locations, or moved them to the appropriate locations the save output file command can be issued which generates a text file that can be read by external software, e.g. one used in an administration system.
NavTeq Digital Maps, etc.
NavTeq maps offer impressive quality with reasonable pricing schemes.
Detailed maps are available for large parts of Europe and North America.
NavTeq and Tele Atlas maps are being used in most major in- vehicle navigation systems as well as in many other major software systems thus securing that the data is continuously updated for precision and changes in road and street network, etc.
Any digital map in standard format, both raster and vector, can be imported and used.
Integration with routing/scheduling software
PinGIS is used in organisations as a complement to route planning and scheduling systems such as DPS RouteLogiX and DPS PlanLogiX.
This enables the combination of sophisticated optimisation software with a user-friendly GIS package.
Since PinGIS is designed as a standard component which is delivered with ready to use maps the Total Cost of Ownership can be controlled.