A.S.C. has developed software with thorougly tested components with widely established development tools. Systems are powerful and easy to use.
Our customers include large corporations, government agencies, and small- and medium sized companies. Transportation, emergency management, environmental work, market analysis, forestry, energy, utiliand many more areas have been covered.
Technologies involved include GIS at the office, mobile GIS, GPS positioning, web-GIS, GSM/GPRS communications and satellite communications.
We work with well established development tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio 6/.NET, Borland Delphi, and software such as the ESRI family of tools, MapInfo, Oracle Spatial etc.
A wide range of digital maps in vector and raster format can be used including NavTeq and Tele Atlas street-level maps, National Land Survey maps such as maps from the Swedish Land Survey, UK Ordnance Survey, satellite images etc.